How It Works



Finding the Big Brave Idea in your life's work could be the centerpiece of your next book or the backbone of a truly unique brand. Every client starts with the BIG BRAVE IDEA, a deep dive not only into your business but your life’s story. We’re going to get to the heart of your personal narrative, find out what makes you different, and uncover the bravest opportunity that makes your business stand out.

Through the questions and the time spent thinking about your business, you will find the key factor that gives you authority and bravery. Based on the findings I will give you a step-by-step plan for launching a brave brand that fuels your client's amazement and audacity.

Includes the interview and a written brief that identifies your BIG BRAVE IDEA opportunity and a plan to move forward.


*This cost gets applied to all FIREBRAND™ services



Once you have your BIG BRAVE IDEA Brief, it’s time to implement it. Brave Brand your business with our FIREBRAND Intensive Method. A great fit for entrepreneurs who need a fully functional & operational brand fast! You walk out into the world powered by a fierce story, visual identity, website, and collateral ready to win your first client with audacity. 

That's Brave Branding for entrepreneurs who’re on Fire.

In your Brief, Fani will point out which one of the three packages below is the best fit for your needs:


This is for you if you need the bedrock elements of branding - a fully functional, killer messaging, visuals and a business strategy - that can get you in front of your ideal client and sharing your offerings right away. This package can include logo design, website design & build, and basic brand materials that will represent your story and fuel your authority as soon as you’re out the door.


*Previous payment from the BIG BRAVE IDEA™ is applied to the cost



This package delivers FIREBRAND services for businesses with a larger scope of needs in terms of website structure and/or creative collateral. Your brand will still be up and running in no time, powered by a smokin’-hot brand strategy that will make you the notorious talk of the town! This is the most popular FIREBRAND service and it fits the needs of most brave entrepreneurs we come across. 


*Previous payment from the BIG BRAVE IDEA™ is applied to the cost


FIREBRAND Troublemaker

These FIREBRAND services will seriously up your business game with a lot of added brand authority features. It may include a freshly published book business strategy, brand photoshoot, brave brand video, a more complex website, and a marketing campaign that will set you up for earned success and credibility. Our creative team will execute from start to finish and add some sass to the trailblazing spirit that you are!


*Previous payment from the BIG BRAVE IDEA™ is applied to the cost



Ready to get BRAVE? It all starts with the BIG BRAVE IDEA™.